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Lisa is still in aplasia. She is in heavy condition: she has started losing hair; she suffers from diarrhea which causes diaper rush on her buttocks. Treatment of those wounds is complicated by aplasia. During this period the healing is slower and more difficult. Sometimes she suffers from hunger, but feeding is prohibited. She becomes upset about this, but then she starts dreaming about the time when snow will be melted, sun will be shining and she will go home on foot. Sometimes she asks for apples, cake and cookies.
Yesterday the doctor said that the second puncture of spinal cord will be taken on 23 March along with blood tests of her mother and father. The samples should be sent to St.-Petersburg in order to determine whether her parents can be marrow donors in case of need. At present time Lisa receives supporting therapy.
We all are hope on positive results of second test.

Results of puncture of spinal cord are non-informative � all figures are at zero. We wait for 21st day after chemotherapy beginning. Lisa bears up: tries to assemble puzzles, mosaic, and continuously dreaming about full recovery, about way to home and about her meeting with grandma, granddad and daddy.

Fifteenth day after chemotherapy started: today a puncture of spinal cord has been taken under local anesthetic instead of general anesthetic! According to the treatment rules such procedure is made on 15th, 21st and 30th day after chemotherapy beginning. Purpose � to identify effectiveness of therapy. Waiting for test results..

4th day after the chemotherapy. She still feels bad - continuous vomiting, can�t eat anything. For last 2 days she lost 0,5 kilo of her weight. Her total weight is 10 kilograms. During periods of short term improvement (in the evenings) she tries to be glad: watches cartoons, asks something to eat, dreams about being back home soon and inviting her grandma and granddad for tea... She is missing her father all the time (only her mother is allowed to be near).
It�s so nice that despite such severe trials this little sweetheart has dreams and wishes..

Second day after the first course of the chemotherapy. In the mornings she feels very bad with an slight improvement in the evening. She asks for eating something. But, unfortunately her organism doesn�t support any food.

Until Wednesday 10.03.2010 Lisa will be going through first course of the chemotherapy.
She feels bad � the temperature holds on the level 38,5�C and continuous vomiting..

Contacts: mother Tanya, father Sergey +380 (67) 321-5043 (Russian speaking)
Her life is in YOUR hands!
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