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Diagnosis (eng)

Dear Friends!

    Recently a disaster came to a young family! After long and exhausting diagnostics their 2-years old daughter Lisa has been diagnosed with an acute megakaryocytic leukemia (first acute period).
    Lisa is a sole and long-awaited child in the family. A nervous breakdown suffered by the relatives and friends is impossible to convey in words. Not so long ago little Lisa was a cheerful, light-hearted and healthy child..
    The first block of chemotherapy started on February 25th, 2010 (protocol AML-BFM 2004).
    The verdict of the doctors has been that this disease is still hardly curable in Ukraine. The diagnosis is further complicated in LisaТs case because the aggravation of the disease has caused problems with the spine: it is being destroyed and gives extensive pressure onto spinal cord. The girl must be fixed all the time in a special corset which prevents her moving.
    Despite of the above mentioned this child still has a chance to recover! But only ABROAD!
    In Ukraine such medical treatment is unavailable!
    But the main obstacle is a cost of medical treatment which is estimated at 100-150 thousands euros.
    Ordinary Ukrainian family canТt collect such amount of money!
    Unfortunately in Ukraine, such medical expenses are not covered by the State. There is no obligatory state medical insurance program available in Ukraine as well.
    The State officials refuse to help to our child saying that they have no funds for charity.
    It is frightful and hard to realize that access to comprehensive diagnostics and medical treatment, quality of medical aid and chances to survive fully depends upon place of birth and place of living!
    There is a saying: Уmoney cannot buy happinessФ, but for LisaТs parents it is vice versa now. Their happiness is their child whoТs life fully dependent on money..
    Time is passing by so fast..
So sad to say - for this little sweetheart it is a countdown at the moment..
Whole-heartedly we applying to all of You who visited this page Ц


Her life, her joy, her future are in YOUR hands!
Even a smallest sum of money can help to save the girl!

Details of Bank Accounts where YOU can donate money are here.

    On behalf of her parents, all relatives and friends we sincerely ask YOU not to be indifferent to a destiny of the small child.
    We wish Health, Prosperity and All the Best to YOU and YOUR Families!
    God Bless YOU!

Contacts: mother Tanya, father Sergey +380 (67) 321-5043 (Russian speaking)
счетчик посещений Her life is in YOUR hands!
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